Modern Instruments

A range of customising services are available including.
  • Fitting of tuning bells
  • Making and fitting lead pipes, normal, reversed
  • Special tuning slides
  • Customising C and D/Eb Trumpets
  • Custom mouthpieces
  • Screw rims and back bores
  • Making and fitting heavy stays etc.
  • Conversion e.g. C to D, Bb to low F
  • Replacement Piccolo Bells
  • Replacement C Trumpet Bells
Any customising/modification work can be undertaken. As much of this work is to the specific requirements of the customer, it is difficult to give examples although C trumpets are often customised as follows.

Fully modified C trumpet - full image (24K)
C Trumpet Customisation
  • New maximum length heavier leadpipe
  • Shortened 1st valve slide (with optional spring loading)
  • Stays repositioned
  • Bell changed (if required)

This improves the overall intonation and makes the trumpet freer blowing, resulting in a fuller sound (often asked for for orchestral playing).


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