Period Instruments

Period brass instruments are mostly 'Natural' in that they can play only the notes of the natural harmonic series (the open notes on a modern trumpet). As the interval between 'natural' notes gets smaller the higher in the harmonic series they are, the natural trumpet needs to be twice the length of the equivalent modern trumpet in order that it can play a scale from C on the stave upwards. Natural instruments have a number of crooks or bits to change the pitch of the instrument to match the key of the piece of music played. This explains why trumpet music is often written for trumpets in different pitches.    
Matthew Parker instruments are widely used by many key players worldwide.

Players in groups such as The Kings Consort, The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, The Parley of Instruments, The Purcell Quartet, The English Concert, The European Baroque Orchestra. In addition, players throughout Europe, USA, Australia and Japan use Matthew Parker instruments.

All instruments are individually hand made.

A range of period instruments is available

Special commissions can also be undertaken.

Natural Trumpet based on those of J.L. Ehe II of Nurnberg, circa 1700.

These Trumpets are available in two bore sizes and are designed with the professional player in mind and produce a clear even tone throughout the range.
Provision is made for the use of a modern mouthpiece for use with tone holes, or a baroque mouthpiece to facilitate authentic playing without holes. This allows the player a degree of "risk management" for performance, whilst still allowing the long term development of an authentic playing technique. These trumpets utilise the four hole system and
Natural trumpets in D and C- full image (32K)comprise a one piece hand hammered bell with engraved garland and embossed rim wire, sliding crooks for tuning with interchangeable bottom yards for D, Db, C, Cb*. A plain yard for hole-less playing can also be supplied. This covers Classical pitches as well as Modern and Baroque pitches. Two mouthpiece receivers can be supplied, one taking a modern trumpet mouthpiece and incorporating a lead pipe, and one taking a baroque mouthpiece. The body of the trumpet is held together in the traditional way using a wood block and wire to the bell rim. Crooks for Bb and A are available as is an Eb, E, and F version to the same overall design and decoration.
All Matthew Parker instruments are made to order and specific requirements (e.g. copper bell,
silver garland/decoration, custom crooks etc) can be catered for. ( * Cb and Db etc. refer to baroque pitch.)

Standard Natural Trumpet Kit - full image (38K)

Two different bore sizes are available: the 'standard' bore - the larger, is a good compromise for those playing both modern and natural trumpets. It is also able to provide sufficient volume to be heard in non authentic orchestras and for classical music.
The small bore is the authentic bore and is a bigger step from the modern trumpet. Trumpets in this bore are available with the 4 hole system or as a hole-less trumpet using 'bits' to tune.
There are many recordings available which use Matthew Parker trumpets.

Tromba da Tirarsi

The Tromba da Tirarsi is a single slide natural trumpet where the whole body of the the trumpet is moved to obtain the slide positions. The Corno da Tirarsi is believed to be the same instrument but used with a horn type mouthpiece to produce a softer tone. The Tirarsi is often specified in Bach Chorales, often in unison with the sopranos, as it can play chromatically within the staff.

Tromba da Tirarsi - full image (38K)


Corno da Caccia

Corno da Caccia in C - full image (32K)Bach specifies this instrument for parts which require the same virtuosity as the trumpet parts. There is no definitive definition of the Corno da Caccia (hunting horn), so the instrument shown here is based on the requirements of the music that specifies it. By comparison, the large hunting horns which were carried over the shoulder would have necessitated the pitch to be an octave lower, and the music of Bach would then need to be played on the 16th harmonic (partial) and above making it very 'risky'.


Flatt trumpet

The Flatt Trumpet is a double slide trumpet specified by Purcell for the Funeral Sentences. The slide provides a greater chromatic range than the normal natural trumpet. 

Flatt Trumpet in Cb - full image (13K)


Coach Horn / Post Horn

A  44" English Coach Horn is now available, to take advantage of the considerable repertoire of Coach Horn calls. 

A Post Horn is also available, although since it uses a modern piccolo trumpet bell shape for improved intonation, it cannot be described as authentic.

Solid silver and gold Coach Horn


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