Trumpet Picture

Matthew Parker makes all types of
natural trumpets in addition to providing a customising service for modern trumpets.

More unusual commissions have included making 'Greek' trumpets and horn hunting horns for the film 'Alexander' Directed by Oliver Stone. 



Customer Comments

"Thank you for a wonderful musical instrument."


"Believe it or not but I got the trumpet already last Friday afternoon, and I 
can tell it was worth waiting for. After trying it just a few minutes I can 
already say that I like it very much and think it will suit me perfectly! 
And what a beauty..."


"The trumpet arrived today . It is magnificent--even the case is exceptionally nice. Everything arrived in perfect condition. By the most happy coincidence, my wife, who is in New Rochelle, New York, for a Summer of Montessori teacher training, was on the phone when it arrived, and with your excellent instructions I had it assembled in B-flat in no time and played a portion of the bass-trumpet aria (although I am a bass, I couldn't manage to both sing and play simultaneously, of course) from Bach's Cantata No. 5 (one of those Bach pieces in B-flat that you alerted me to) for her over the phone. You can imagine the quality of the acoustic I produced on first try as compounded by the telephone.
Nonetheless, I have learned that women really like "sharing moments," so in spite of the expense of the instrument I'm already doing well with her. Of course she has now ordered a baroque flute, which I find absurdly priced--its almost as much as the trumpet but it's just a little short piece of wood compared with this magnificent, long, silver-plated brass masterpiece! "